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Services - Conversion Assistance

When a hospital or physician group faces a significant system conversion, there is extensive preparation required to start up the new system. System conversions to a new software or major upgrade of your existing system require extensive preparation and decrease the available resources dedicated to A/R follow-up efforts, putting cash flow and A/R days at risk. Patient Accounts Services, LLC’s Conversion Assistance Services take responsibility for the A/R follow-up efforts from the older system A/R when your healthcare organization goes through a system conversion. Cash flow and patient satisfaction are maintained by Patient Accounts Services, LLC while you focus your healthcare facilities’ efforts on a successful system conversion.

Patient Accounts Services, LLC manages reporting for the pre-conversion A/R assigned to it. This includes developing general ledger reports or datasets to maintain the current accounting processes, working all credit balances that are created during the conversion project and either working the resulting bad debt for the project or, if requested, managing the relationships with the existing collection agency(s) to ensure proper reporting of transactions related to the assigned A/R. Patient Accounts Services, LLC’s Conversion Assistance Services allow the facility to begin on the new system with a clean database to ensure development of accurate reporting and efficient account processing. As part of this conversion process, Patient Accounts Services, LLC is responsible for resolution of 100% of the A/R assigned to us. Patient Accounts Services, LLC does not return accounts to the facilities we work with for further clean up. Patient Accounts Services, LLC is responsible for the entire job, through completion allowing your staff to remain focused on the new system and A/R.

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