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Services - Bad Debt Collection

Patient Accounts Services, LLC provides debt collection services through its licensed affiliate, Integrated Accounts Services LLC. At the client's option, accounts may be assigned to Integrated Accounts Services, LLC for bad debt collection after the self-pay services collection efforts have been exhausted or as a stand-alone service. Integrated Accounts Services, LLC actively explores all avenues for account resolution with the patients and/or other responsible third parties.

Integrated Accounts Services, LLC specializes in the collection of past due accounts and will keep your healthcare facility fully compliant with the HIPAA and related privacy regulations, the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the various state fair debt collections practices acts and related federal, state and municipal collection and privacy laws as well. Integrated Accounts Services, LLC provides a cost efficient resolution for past due accounts, working with the patient and your facility, using a customer service focus at all times. Integrated Accounts Services, LLC maximizes cash recovery while maintaining your positive public image in the community. Integrated Accounts Services, LLC provides the highest quality service in both written and oral communications. Inquiries are handled promptly and accurately, and activities are tracked on accounts from referral to conclusion. These functions are performed in strict compliance to FDCPA regulations and intensively monitored for quality assurance by on staff attorneys. The Integrated Accounts Services, LLC collectors are thoroughly trained and are continuously re-trained to assure compliance with all laws and regulations, including the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, similar state laws and regulations and HIPAA and all related laws and other privacy regulations.

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