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About Us

"Patient Accounts Services, LLC’s managerial success rate is the result of an unfailing commitment to improve client performance."

Robert Dubrul
Founder and President
Patient Accounts Services, LLC

Patient Accounts Services, LLC was established in 2005 with a mission: Provide the healthcare industry with a Revenue Cycle Management/AR Firm that recovers your cash in a minimum number of days while providing you and your patients with impeccable, complaint free, customer service.

Patient Accounts Services, LLC operates as an extension of your business office by providing effective revenue management services to your facility that will satisfy your patients’ requirements and are designed to make your patients appreciate your healthcare facility. To accomplish this, Patient Accounts Services, LLC has brought together an expert management team, experienced in the healthcare revenue cycle management and AR management fields, the members of which have worked together for over fifteen (15) years. The Patient Accounts Services, LLC management team’s efforts have had resounding success decreasing its clients’ days to cash while assuring patient satisfaction.

Patient Accounts Services, LLC is committed to developing long term client relationships by providing strategic solutions to increase the collection of receivables and reduce costs through quality customer service, state of the art technology and innovative processing:

  • To ensure a compassionate, courteous and professional approach to solving patient accounts’ issues.
  • To consistently search out and implement advanced technology, resulting in the reduction of accounts receivable throughout the entire revenue cycle.
  • To constantly analyze our services with our client, constantly improving and modifying processing to continue and advance the highest standards of performance provided by Patient Accounts Services, LLC.

Call us toll free at (866) 462-1800. We will be pleased to discuss our methods!
Patient Accounts Services LLC has the ability to provide your organization with the same guaranteed results: shorter days to cash and assured patient satisfaction!
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